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BOSSTALK is an event brand presented by BOSSHIRE, a fast-growing top talent recruitment firm that aims to connect the right talent with great jobs. We will unveil topics including recruitment, careers, businesses, and many more. Stay tuned!

Here are the lists of all IG LIVE & webinars. Follow and learn according to your interests.


IG LIVE BOSSHIRE #12 "Leading Your Future Innovation with Itel & Oraimo"

26 Oct 2022

Itel & Oraimo are 2 brands under TRANSSION Holdings. Over the years, these 2 brands are committed to become the most popular smart device and mobile internet service providers to serve 300 million families in e...


IGLIVE #11 BOSSHIRE "Smartphone Industry as My Career Kick Starter"

08 Sep 2022

Smartphones have become so popular in today's society that it is hard to imagine life without them. Day by day we use smartphones in our daily life, but have you ever thought about joining the industry dire...


IGLIVE #10 BOSSHIRE "Career Boost in The Booming Smartphone Industry"

18 May 2022

Are you interested to explore more about Smartphone Industry? 📲The smartphone industry is growing nowadays. Each smartphone brand will always compete to produce the best product. And of course, the employees...


IGLIVE #09 BOSSHIRE "Career Breakthrough in Hospitality Industry"

31 Mar 2022

In the hospitality industry, your career opportunities are truly limitless. The global industry continues to grow, change and diversify every year. In fact, hospitality is one of the world's fastest-growing...


IGLIVE #08 BOSSHIRE "Working In Tencent: It's My Dream, Mas!"

22 Feb 2022

Streaming, gaming, and user-generated content become the daily things we find and do nowadays. In the coming year, the internet, digital media, and entertainment will grow rapidly transforming the industry....


IGLIVE #07 BOSSHIRE "Getting Career in Esports: What you Need to Know & How To Get Started?"

27 Jan 2022

In the past, online games had quite a stigma that was considered bad, but along with the times and technology, the development of online games was considered a potential new industry as well as a development of...


IGLIVE #06 BOSSHIRE "Digital Skillset in Society 5.0 Era: Business Development Skills"

16 Dec 2021

Can you imagine working in a company without employees dedicated to developing the business? The situation when no one will challenge you to improve or inform you of new business opportunities, market changes,...


IGLIVE #05 BOSSHIRE "Digital Skillset in Society 5.0 Era: Copywriting Skills"

20 Nov 2021

LEVELING UP! Regarding our first topic of the Digital Skillset series about Language Skills, we are proudly announcing that we will have 2nd topic of this series with Dibimbing.id to discuss Copywriting Skills...

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