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What is BELITE PEO Service?

PEO is a service that helps companies and businesses manage parts of their human resources department, including payroll, benefits, workers' compensation, and more. This can allow your businesses to outsource HR functions to PEO and focus on your primary duties and company objectives. When your business hires us for the service, PEO will becomes a co-employer of the company's employees, your company still has complete control of hiring and termination.

Typically, BELITE PEO has a staff with extensive experience in HR, legal, tax, client services, and accounting. Businesses partner with PEOs to reduce the costs of administering benefits, streamline payroll operations, and successfully expand to an international market without having to set up their own entity. BELITE PEO can cost-effectively guide companies through the challenges of compliantly hiring international employees, compensating according to local laws and regulations, and should it become necessary, compliantly terminating employees to reduce risk.


Our PEO services include:

  1. Employment Solutions
  2. Benefits & compensation administration.
  3. Recruiting and hiring.
  4. Payroll administration.
  5. Compliance assistance.

Why BELITE PEO Services?
With the expert, strategic guidance of a PEO, you may be able to grow your business and have peace of mind that you’re more protected while doing so. Here is a list of benefits that professional employer organizations can provide:

Payroll and Tax Filing

BELITE PEOs process payroll and can pay local employment taxes. Many also integrate payroll with time and attendance, which helps reduce duplicate data entry and errors.

Benefits Administration

A co-employment arrangement often comes with access to high-quality, cost-effective health insurance, as well as dental care, retirement benefits, and other employee perks. BELITE PEO will usually handle the employee enrollment for these benefits and process claims for you.

Legal and Compliance

BELITE PEOs typically have compliance experts who can help you protect your business from fines and penalties. Their area of expertise may include payroll tax law and reporting requirements, unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation, hiring, and HR compliance.

Risk and Safety

In addition to workers’ compensation insurance, BELITE PEOs can provide safety audits and training programs to help you limit claims. They may also assist with Occupational Safety and Health Administration inspections.

Human Resource Support

BELITE PEO has HR professionals who provide HR services and support. If you already have an in-house HR person or team, the PEO partners with them both strategically and administratively.

Talent Management

BELITE PEOs offer end-to-end talent services, like recruiting and strategic hiring, employee training and engagement, and performance management.

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