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Marketing Manager

IDR 20,000,000 - 30,000,000
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We are looking for Marketing Manager in Personal Care Industries, as the pioneer of the first anti-clump diaper that uses SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) core structure started a business unit from the mother and child category by bringing high quality products to Indonesia. Started a business unit from the mother and child category by bringing high quality products to Indonesia so that more and more people or families in Indonesia can experience and use these products so that the quality of life becomes better and more comfortable. In the early stage, started by bringing baby diaper products to Indonesia, but in the future we will also develop products such as pads and pants diapers. And we will also develop high quality milk products to Indonesia with the aim of helping children in Indonesia to grow & develop better.

Basic Information

Employment Type

Full Time

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Years of Experience

4-5 years


Jakarta Utara, Indonesia


20 - 45 Years old



Job Description:

-Based on the company's annual brand strategy and local maternal and child category market development trends, be responsible for brand marketing strategies and brand planning implementation plans, deepeb omni-channel brand marketing linkage, and comprehensively enhance brand awareness and image.

-Based on the annual marketing strategy, deeply explore the marketing needs of each product line and formulate marketing promotion strategies for each product, including new media promotion and office activity strategies and execution, t achieve the integration of product and sales.

-In-depth understanding of brand positioning, brand image, and brand strategy, and jointly participate in improvements and enhancements to establish brand image

-Coordinate all departments inside and outside the company to implement brand marketing strategies and related decisions, and ultimately achieve brand marketing goals.

-Market research and analysis, strudy peers and industry development status, complete annual market research reports, and provide basic for company decision-making



- Work in the marketing department for first-lline leading brands and emerging entrepreneurial brands in foreign-invested or local consumer industries, with more than 5 years of working experience. Priority will be given to experience in formula milk and fast-moving cunsumer goods brands background.

- Have rich and solid experience in brand management, and be familiar with brand, product, media, creativity, marketing and other multi-sector skills.

- Have experience in creating successful industry hot topics and best-selling new products or brands for many times. Candidates with experience in successfully building start-up brands will be given priority.

- Able to accurately understand industry and consumer needs, and provide meaningful planning solutions for brand annual projects and daily communication.

- Have good teamwork, strong execution ability, good professional ethics, good logical deduction ability, planning and integrated thinking, and problem-solving ability.

Key Skills
B2C Marketing
Advertising Sales
Campaign Strategies
Campaign Management
BPJS Tenaga Kerja
BPJS Kesehatan

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Tatiana Imarasha

Executive Recruitment Consultant



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